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Business Mileage Log

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This app is aimed at small companies, self employed persons and freelancers using a single business vehicle.The "Business Mileage Log" objective is simple: To keep track of your business and private trips for tax purposes and making this process as comfortable as possible.
This application allows you to easily keep track of your business and private trips, it can even automatically fill in private trips if you forget about them by searching for mileage gaps between trips and filling them automatically.The data can be easily exported as an XLS file (Excel, Google Sheets, Openoffice) by email.
The primary features* Time saving when entering data: + Comfortable mileage selection dialog + Comfortable date and time selection dialog (time is optional) + GPS and Geolocation support, fill in your current City by a single click or type the location by yourself
* Intelligent + Input is test for plausibility before storage + Backup/Restore of data available + After storing a trip, the available data is automatically filled in for the next trip. + Support for US and EU date format
* Optional automated filling of mileage gaps ! + This feature will automatically search for gaps between your trips and creates a virtual private trip. This means you actually only have to fill in business trips, your shopping and holiday trips will be filled in by the app. This can save a lot of time and will ensure you do not have any hidden gaps in your records.
* Export to Excel + Easily export all your trip data through email and open the XLS report with Office or Google sheets.
This app is created only for one purpose, it will not drain your battery or ask you to enter heaps of useless information.If you just want to keep track of your business trips without any needless hassle, then this app is for you.
This is no good choice if you want a live route recorder or if you need to track a corporate car fleet.

Application permission declaration:This application requires permissions to:+ access your location (gps/wifi/radio location)+ access the internet (to translate your coordinates to an address)+ write/read storage (backup and email attachment)+ read your account information (your email address for exports)None of the permissions are used to track you or to collect data about you.
Advancing the project:You are using the app and you have an idea how to make it even easier ?Or a specific feature is missing which is important for your report or trip dataset ?You are welcome to contact me with any suggestions or problems you might have and it might find a way into the next release.